Absolute Boxing Owner Tony Spain Died Suddenly; Know His Cause of Death

Tony Spain the owner of Absolute Boxing passed away suddenly on 11th January. Scroll through our webpage in order to learn if what happened to him and what caused his sudden death. He was a very famous boxing trainer in Florida. Before he became an educator, he taught people to throw punches. He even wore golden gloves to the Struthers Field House and Packard Music Hall.

Who was Tony Spain?

Tony Spain was a boxing Educator and he trained people in Boxing. He was well known among the people for holding the title of ‘Absolute Boxing with Tony Spain’. He lived in Sarasota, Florida. He competed in boxing matches in Golden Gloves at the Struthers Field House and Packard Music Hall. He was undefeated 4 times and he held the professional Title of Tough man Champion four times. He has trained so many people in boxing and made them strong and competitive enough to take part in various competitions and he has gained the support and love of people through that.

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Death of Tony Spain

Tony Spain died on 10th January 2023. He was very Young, he passed away too soon. He was born in Newton Falls, Ohio. Tony got his degree of Associate of Science in Marketing from State College at Manatee-Sarasota in Florida. Ruben Alvarez who was the friend of Tony Spain announced the news of his death. Tony was a Certified USA Amateur Boxing Coach. Ruben while announcing the death of his friend quoted “Great memories with the one man who was responsible for starting my career as a professional trainer. Tony Spain, thank you for being a blessing in my life you will always be remembered and never be forgotten. May you rest in paradise, my friend and my brother”

Absolute Boxing Owner Tony Spain Died Suddenly; Know His Cause of Death
Absolute Boxing Owner Tony Spain Died Suddenly; Know His Cause of Death

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Tony Spain Cause of Death

Tony Spain who was a renowned boxing coach suddenly passed away this Tuesday at a very young age. He was very health conscious and he always exercised and ate healthily to remain fit. He trained on a regular basis at his academy.

But unfortunately, he passed away this Tuesday morning as announced by his friend Ruben and this news was also confirmed by media outlets.

As the information regarding his death is insufficient so we cannot comment on the exact cause of his death but we are constantly trying to get more information about the cause of his death so stay updated and follow us on this webpage.

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 Tributes to Tony Spain

After hearing about the sudden death of the trainer his students and friends started paying tributes. He will be remembered as a brave and courageous man and a great trainer.

“Rest in peace, my friend. The world is a darker place without you… but don’t worry, we will carry on your teachings and keep a pot of coffee brewing, until we meet again,” wrote one of his students

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