GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents

The application form for Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) transfers from one position to another is provided in this article. It can be downloaded from the link provided below or obtained from the relevant department.

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form

All types of Gramin Dak Sevaks have a limited transfer facility (GDS).

If the transfer is inside the Region, the Regional PMG must approve it. If it is within the Circle, the Head of the Circle must approve it. If the transfer involves two Circles, the consent of two concerned Head of Circles is necessary.

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents
GDS Online Transfer Portal Form

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The Transfer Process of the GDS online transfer portal

(i) Requests for transfer applications should be made every year between April and June.

(ii) The Divisional Head shall receive applications on the predetermined Proforma that is included in Annexure-I. The application will be filed through the officially recommended head of the engagement/recruitment unit/division.

(iii) The divisional head will properly channel all applications to the appropriate approving authority, together with a factual report and recommendations.

(iv) At Circle Offices, Regional Offices, and Divisional Offices, a separate register in the specified Proforma given here as Annexure-Il is to be maintained for recording transfer requests of all types of GDS.

(v) All applications will be arranged according to seniority as of the date of GDS’s engagement, and transfer orders may be sent out in July.

Transfer Conditions of GDS online portal form

The competent authority has given the undersigned permission to communicate the following regulations on the Limited Transfer Facility of Gramin Dak Sevaks, which supersede all prior orders:

(i) Only ONE chance at most will be given to male GDSs, and TWO chances at most will be given to female GDSs.

(ii) The transfer will be at his or her own request and expense to a vacant post at his or her place of choice in the village or home division of his or her or the spouse, or to a location that has been suggested for medical treatment.

(iii) Before a transfer request can be considered, a minimum engagement length of TWO years from the beginning of regular engagement on a GDS Post shall be required for men.

(iv) Female GDS employees must commit for a minimum of ONE YEAR from the date of their regular employment in a GDS role.

(v) For GDS with disabilities and GDS with dependents with disabilities or mental retardation, a minimum engagement duration of ONE YEAR from the commencement of regular engagement on GDS Post will be required.

(vi) Transfer requests from GDSs who are off-duty or who are the subject of disciplinary action, a police investigation, or a court case won’t be taken into consideration.

(vii) The length of prior employment shall be taken into consideration when determining eligibility for departmental examinations and annual raises. In no event shall GDS have any right to return to the prior engagement/recruitment Unit/Division.

(viii) Unless a GDS is transferred within the same engagement/recruitment Sub Division/Unit/Division and the transfer is approved by the competent authority, the GDS will rank lower on the seniority list of the new unit compared to all other GDS who are on the seniority list of that unit as of the date the transfer is ordered.

(ix) Mutual Exchange facilities may be made available to all GDS upon completion of their engagement periods, which may be one year for female GDS and two years for male GDS, respectively.

(x) The following situations allow for the transfer of the GDS at his request:

  • (a) BPM Level 2 to BPM Level-2 in TRCA slab 3.
  • (b) TRCA slab-2 from BPM Level-1 to BPM Level-1.
  • (c)In TRCA slab-2, from ABPtr[/Dak Sevaks Level-2 to ABPIWDak Sevaks Level-2.
  • (d) TRCA slab-1 from ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-1.
  • (e) In the same TRCA segment, go from BPM Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevak Level-2 (PostalRMS).
  • (f) ABPM/Dak Sevak Level 2 (Postal) to BPM Level 1 in the same TRCA slab, provided that the GDS makes the necessary accommodations for managing BO in accordance with the standards prescribed for BO and fulfilling the requirements for educational background, computer certification, etc, prescribed by the Department from time to time.

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He or she must complete the required BPM training before enrolling as a Level-l BPM.

  • (g) In the same TRCA slab, request the transfer of ABPM/Dak Sevak from Postal to RMS.
  • (h) Moving from RMS to Postal, or from Dak Sevak to ABPM/Dak Sevak at the same TRCA level. Dak Sevak from RMS shouldn’t be moved to Postal Dn as BPM, nevertheless.

(xi) The TRCA slab will not decrease as a result of a request transfer, and the amount of GDS-earned increments will remain the same.

(xii) All request transfers must include the necessary verification documents, such as police verification reports for caste, education, and employment, in order to be considered.

Gramin Dak Sevak application for transfer from one post to another

Following is the format of the application for the transfer from one post to another:

Declaration for transfer from one post to another

The following is to be filled in GDS online transfer portal form:\

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents
GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents
GDS Online Transfer Portal Form PDF

How to fill out and complete the application process for the GDS online transfer form?

Following is the format of the application for the transfer from one post to another and below are the steps to be followed:

1 The GDS’s name:

2 GDS’s post with the title “Sub Division/Circle”:

3 The day that the regular GDS involvement began:

4 Academic credentials:

5 Whether unmarried or married:

6 Current TRCA Level with Slab:

7 GDS Name of BO/SO/HO/RO and the post for which the transfer is requested:

8 The requested transfer to the following subdivision, division, or circle is:

9 Motives supporting the request for transfer:

10 Documentary proof that the patient’s preferred location is the hospital or clinic indicated by their doctor is their home village, home division, or spouse’s home.

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Documents Required For GDS online transfer portal form

  • Aadhar card,
  •  PAN card,
  • voter identification card,
  • driver’s license, passport,
  • utility bill,
  • water bill,
  • gas bill.

These are the credentials to be filled out for the completion of the application process.

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Frequently asked questions

How to fill up GDS online transfer form?

Utilizing personal information, complete the GDS online form. Upload your official documentation in the required formats, along with a photo and your signature. After completing the form, you must click “Submit Details.”

What are the requirements for Gramin Dak Sevaks transfers?

To control the Gramin Dak Sevaks’ restricted transfer facility, the Department of Posts published recommendations. The following conditions apply to transfers for all groups of GDS: Male GDSs are only eligible for ONE opportunity, and female GDSs are only eligible for TWO chances.

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