Citizen Charter


Health Centres exist to provide health care to every citizen of India within the allocated resources and available facilities. The Charter seeks to provide a framework, which enables citizens to know :

 What services are available and users' charges if any?

 The quality of services they are entitled to.

 The means through which Complaints regarding denial or poor qualities of services will be addresse


 To make available health care services and the related facilities for citizens.

 To provide appropriate advice, retreatment, referral and support that would help to cure the ailment to the extent medically possible.

 To redress any grievances in this regard.

 Commitments of the Charter

 To provide access to available facilities without discrimination,

 To provide emergency care, if needed on reaching the PHC.

 To provide adequate number of notice boards detailing the location of all the facilities and the schedule of field visits.

 To provide written information on diagnosis , treatment being administered

 To record complaints and respond at an appointed tim

 Grievance Redressal

 Grievances that citizens have will be recorded

 Aggrieved user after his/her complaint recorded would be allowed to seek a second opinion

 Responsibilities of the Users

 users of HC would attempt to understand the commitments made in the charter.

 users would not insist on service above the standard set in the charter because it could negatively affect the provision of the minimum acceptable level of service to another user.

 instruction of the HC personnel would be followed sincerely and

 in case of grievances, the redressal mechanism machinery would be addressed by users without delay.

 Performance Audit and Review of the

 performance audit may be conducted through a peer review every two or three years after covering the areas where the standards have been specified.