Ngozi Fulani Net Worth, Biography, Career Family, Controversy

Ngozi Fulani Net Worth, Ngozi Headley Fulani is a famous Independent British Domestic Violence Advisor Dancer, and Entrepreneur. She is a very well-known person in London as the CEO of Sistah Space. Sistah Space serves to provide safety and support for African and Caribbean women and girls who suffer from domestic or sexual abuse.

Ngozi is a professional dancer she started her dancing career at 23 and also served as a dance teacher in Hackney for 20 years. She used to run the Emashi Dance ensemble for many years. At present Ngozi along with Rosanna is running a charity.

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The controversy between Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani

A famous British personality, Ngozi Fulani is serving as an independent Domestic Violence Advisor and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor at Sistah Space. As reported that in November 2022 she hit the media headlines she faced racism at the event of Buckingham Palace reception, and at the event, she questioned her background.

She talked about the incident in an interview. She said that she was totally shocked by the comments of Prince William’s Godmother Lady Susan Hussey’s comments on her. Fulani said in the interview that she has been facing racism from her for a long time. As per the CNN reports an apology letter has been signed and an honorary member has resigned from Buckingham Palace due to this incident.

Ngozi Fulani Biography

Ngozi was born on 27 February 1965 in London in the United Kingdom. She follows Christianity. She is 57 years old now. She had 7 siblings. She belongs to a mixed ethnicity of African and Caribbean. She belonged to Igbo Tribe. Her father was Gladstone Headley and her mother was Mildred. Though we exactly don’t know her husband she is married to him and she is a mother of 3 children (Adwa Headley, Stushie, Djanomi Headley, and Kas Headley).

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She completed her Schooling at South Kilburn High School and afterward she completed her studies in Oriental and African Studies. She did her Master in Arts from African Studies with subjects- in African Film, Music, and Performance. Before focusing on her career she acquired her postgraduate degree in Secondary Education and teaching from the Royal Central School of Speech And Drama.

Ngozi Fulani Net Worth, Biography, Career Family, Controversy
Ngozi Fulani Net Worth, Biography
Full NameNgozi Headley Fulani
OccupationIndependent Domestic Violence AdvisorDancerA media FaceCharity person entrepreneur
Birthdate27 February 1965
Net Worth$1 million dollars
Age57 years old
Resident ofLondon, England in the United Kingdom
Zodiac SignPisces
Education QualificationsPost Graduate
FatherMr. Gladstone Headley
MotherMrs. Mildred

Ngozi Fulani Career/Profession

Fulani struggled a lot to reach this stage of life where she is famous and a well-known Media face. She did so many sacrifices. She left her family when she was only eighteen years old and adjusted herself in a small apartment and then relocated to Hackney. She enrolled herself in Community Studies Classes and that brought her into contact with the African community. She taught African dance when she was 23 years old. Not just that but she also Taught Folklore and traditional African dance and she taught dance in Hackney for 20 years.

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Now she is working as Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence advisor at Sistah Space. Sistah Space is a safe space and support network for women and African and Caribbean heritage women who have experienced any sort of violence or sexual harassment.

Ngozi Fulani Net Worth

As she prefers a simple lifestyle and she is more inclined towards charity than living a luxurious life so it is estimated that earns around $1 million dollars. She makes her income from her profession and mostly she gives away to a charity that she started in 2015 named Sistah Space. She is invited to many events and Seminars. She is a really great social worker and philanthropist. 


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    • She’s as fake as they come. Went to the palace in fancy dress and the wig is falani braids worn by the women of sehegal .As with methane markle her lies will come back to bite her. She dotes on methane and once tweeted that at the palace methane was a victim of a domestic abuse !! ha ha ha , have you ever heard anything so fake, but then everything about this woman is fake .Shes worth $1million so like methane does with archwell she’s creaming of the donations, $10.000 donated by blm. So there you have it , 3 fake charities that all need deep investigating, sistah space (a racist charity) , archwell & blm needs again to be investigated see how many $millions theyve creamed of this time. And yes, marlene headley aka gnozi is a racist , methane is a closet racist, she’s on whoevers side she needs to be at any given opportunity to rake in more $$$$ ,as for marxist blm, theyve caused racism to soar on both sides. Lady Hussey is the victim of this vile womans rubbish lies . William & Charles should be ashamed of themselves for siding with this vindictive lying womans rubbish . An unkown to them person claims she said this she said that ,all heresay ,,and they believe her over their mums loyal friend of years who worked loyal’y for years .Shame on them both. The Queen must be turning in her grave .

      • Charities are a lucrative business for people with questionable morals. This woman has a fake identity and a million pounds in the bank. That says it all.

  1. She’s Nigerian. Born there. She’s a journalist originally and went to university for journalism in Hamburg, Germany and made millions as a dancer.

    • If you believe this whole situation was not a race baiting issue then your idiocy takes MY breath away eg why would you take a tape recorder to a royal function if this was not the case……just asking.

      • By the way, Ms Fulani was not invited to the palace affair. She was there on someone’s else’s invitation with what is referred to as a second class invitation. That is what Lady Colin Campbell stated on her interesting YouTube channel. The invited guests were from many countries, not only from Britain. Lady Hussey was merely asking from which nation was Fulani. Given her African dress, hair style, and name tag, this seems reasonable. Poor Lady Hussey was sandbagged.

      • No you don’t name yourself at birth and at birth this lady was given a very British name. She later changed it to reflect her heritage as she styled her hair and mode of dress. If you are proud of your heritage why be coy when asked about it unless you want to cause an issue.

  2. Where are you from is the most common conversation opener in the world. Ms Felani was determined to turn this into a race row. Did she record this conversation or does she have perfect recall? Either way she was looking for trouble.

    • Agree. Has two degrees and knows nothing about effective communication. Qualifications but no education. She could have enlighten the Lady by saying that she was born here however, her parents are from Nigeria. She has a chip on her shoulder and is a troublemaker 🙃.Contrary to what she says; she has no respect for elders!!!
      The Lady should be reinstated to her job.

  3. British born and bred. Parents originally from the Caribbean.

    Note how the author states that she ‘faced racism’ at the palace but deliberately avoids the details.

    Two race baiters who should find new countries to live in and deride.

  4. Fulani better known by her British name Marlene Headley, although that’s not African enough for her, so she culturally appropriated Ngozi Fulani

  5. I want to know why Hackney Council funded free rental of council property during a dispute with Fulani inwhichb shec triedc to get better premises.
    The council serves
    a population of diverse nationalities and yet chose to finance free rent to a charity which a) serves only black victims of violence and b) has a founder who has such a huge annual income.


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